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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Friday (Feb. 3) that it plans to ban disposable food utensils made of biodegradable plastic.
The EPA plans to implement the policy starting Aug. 1, with the goal of lessening the impact of biodegradable plastics on Taiwan’s existing recycling mechanisms. Additionally, it is an attempt to reduce the amount of disposable food containers and cutlery.
The policy will affect the public sector, public and private schools, department stores and malls, wholesale stores, supermarkets, convenience store chains, fast food chains, and physical food service providers.
According to the EPA, after it banned plastic disposable food containers and cutlery, many food service providers turned to biodegradable options. However, as the material only decomposes quickly in specific environments and Taiwan lacks proper reuse means as well as compost facilities, it has expanded its definition to include biodegradable plastics into its list of banned materials.
Details of the policy can be found on the EPA’s website. Those who have suggestions about the policy may contact the EPA within 60 days of its announcement.
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