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Three things that could reduce our reliance on environmentally-harmful plastic: Government regulations, consumer behavior, science.
Science is the only one I have faith in.

On this front, the good news is that biotechnology company Danimer Scientific is making impactful strides in bioplastics. Because government intervention is impossible to unpalatable, and because consumers as a whole are generally lazy, selfish and married to their habits, science-ing up an eco-friendly plastic is our best way out of this mess.

Danimer has been experimenting with polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), a naturally-occuring polymer. When certain types of bacteria are allowed to ferment in canola oil, they start synthesizing PHA in powder form. The resultant powder can be pelletized and injection molded, or extruded into films. It’s food-safe and most importantly, it’s biodegradable.

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The company says PHA has a wide range of applications, including:

Up next, we’ll look at a commercial application for PHA that, if everything goes right, we’ll encounter in our everyday lives.
How will this be a saviour? Under what conditions and timeframe will it decompose? “Biodegradable” has no certified meaning – everything is biodegradable given enough time. Will this come with compostability certification?

According to them, the PHA is home and industrial compostable, etc. They may have certifications for these as well, but I didn’t look closely enough. Beats PLA, which is not home compostable.

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