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Newark, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Brainy Insights estimates that the USD 39.2 million biodegradable cutlery market will reach USD 77.8 million by 2032. Microorganisms like bacteria or fungi can naturally break down biodegradable cutlery into organic components. It often includes spoons, forks, knives, straws, stirrers, and flatware made from all-natural materials such as agricultural waste, bamboo, bagasse, palm leaves, and cornstarch-based polylactic acid (PLA) plastic. Compared to typical plastic- and petroleum-based products, it produces less pollution, requires less energy, and generates less waste. Key global manufacturers now offer biodegradable cutlery customization solutions to fit individuals’ demands and preferences, including form, size, and colours. One of the key causes driving demand for biodegradable cutlery worldwide is growing public awareness of the adverse impacts of using non-biodegradable plastic silverware and increased consumer desire for natural and organic products.

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Europe to account for the largest market size during the forecast period.

Europe is expected to have the most significant biodegradable cutlery market share. The region’s major firms focus on developing innovative goods using raw materials. Leaf Republic GmbH, for example, has introduced leaf tableware. These cutlery items are made of paper with no glue or colour.

The wood segment dominated the market with the most significant revenue of USD 15.2 million.

The wood segment dominated the market with the most significant market revenue of USD 15.2 million. Wood is used in various applications, including packaging and containers, electronics and automotive parts, textile fibres and apparel, single-use utensils and dishes, and building materials.

The hospital segment dominated the market with the most significant revenue of USD 16.0 million.

The hospital segment dominated the market with the most significant market revenue of USD 16.0 million. Because of its single-use, biodegradable cutlery maintains high hygiene standards, which is especially important in hospitals and other locations where contamination risk is significant.

Latest Development:

● In January 2022, Amcor PLC introduced AmFiberTM, a new platform for paper-based packaging products. AmFiber’s inventions strive to rethink the functionality of traditional paper packaging by providing a broader range of functional benefits to match consumers’ changing needs.

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Market Dynamics:

Drivers: Product Innovations

Major players are heavily investing in product innovation and participating in the research and development process to provide improved and novel products to meet consumer demand while competing with competitors and rival products. Major players have produced new and unique biodegradable culture products that are more durable and reusable, such as bamboo plates and containers; these organic cutlery items are non-toxic and offer more aesthetic appeal in tableware.

Restraint: Requirement of Industrial Composters

In the case of biodegradable plastics, industrial composters are required to convert them into compost, and the availability of the necessary equipment is a concern in some countries. With the correct equipment, biodegradable plastics that must be treated can be discarded appropriately.

Opportunity: Rising Consumer Awareness

Consumers are becoming more concerned with environmental problems as they become more aware of the environment’s degradation of the quality of life. Consumers are becoming more aware of the adverse effects of non-biodegradable cutlery on the environment and have begun to use eco-friendly and biodegradable cutlery products that are safe and non-toxic to the environment. Non-biodegradable and disposable silverware pollutes lands and waterbodies since petroleum-based items can stay in the environment for hundreds of years, eroding soil and water quality. Increased consumer awareness about the adverse effects of non-biodegradable cutlery on the environment, as well as increased use of biodegradable cutlery items for business and personal use, is a significant factor driving the growth of the global biodegradable cutlery market.

Challenge: Weather

The disposal of biodegradable plastics is dependent on the weather. Temperature and humidity are essential factors in this process. Composting takes much longer in cold weather and comes to a halt in heavy humidity.

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Some of the major players operating in the biodegradable cutlery market are:

● Huhtamäki Oyj
● Biotrem
● Vegware
● Pactiv LLC
● Eco Guardian
● Genpak, LLC
● Bionatic GmbH & Co.
● GreenGood USA

Key Segments cover in the market:

By Raw Material:

● Wood
● Paper
● Husk
● Plastic
● Others

By Application:

● Hotels
● Hospitals
● Catering Services

About the report:

The global biodegradable cutlery market is analyzed based on value (USD million). All the segments have been analyzed on a worldwide, regional, and country basis. The study includes the analysis of more than 30 countries for each part. The report offers an in-depth analysis of driving factors, opportunities, restraints, and challenges for gaining critical insight into the market. The study includes porter’s five forces model, attractiveness analysis, raw material analysis, supply, demand analysis, competitor position grid analysis, distribution, and marketing channels analysis.

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